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HR SH5HD RC Quadcopter

HR SH5HD RC Quadcopter
The HR SH5HD RC Quadcopter is wifi equipped and comes in two different camera versions & three different colors. Depending on your taste, need and budget you can select either the 720p or 1080p version. This 2.4Ghz quad has a flying time of approximately 8-10 minutes and is small enough to be flown indoors as well as outdoors. The HR SH5HD RC Quadcopter comes equipped with a 3.7 v Lipo battery for power but the transmitter will require (4) AA batteries (sold separately). Everything about the HR SH5HD is pretty straight forward and does not require any special skills. This quad is a bit on the sensitive side so we recommended taking it slow. If you are new to quadcopters start out by mastering hovering in one spot for as long as possible then move on to flying in small circles while maintaining a certain altitude. Once you've got that mastered try flying the quad 50-100 away from where you're standing and return home without using the return to home feature. Once you have grown comfortable with the HR SH5HD it's time to go see the world. Simply download the app to your phone and attach your phone to the transmitter and you're ready to go. This quadcopter is also capable of 3D maneuvers, so when you're are not out exploring the world it time to get acrobatic.

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  • I received the HR SH5HD QUADCOPTER. Recently I must say, I’m very pleased with my purchase. Thanks PIGGLY MART!


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